1,2,3's of In-Game Rules



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    1,2,3's of In-Game Rules

    Post by Admin on Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:15 pm

    1. Always be respectful to GMs. Insults or verbal harassement towards a GM won't be tolerated. Do not disrespect a GM by accusing him/her of cheating with his/her legit or abusing his/her powers. If you have a good reason to report a GM, just do it here without spreading useless rumours. That won't be tolerated. Jail or Delete Account
    2. Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden (including IPs or url). Permanent Ban All Accounts in your IP
    3. Do not abuse the BC (Broadcasting). This includes harassement, insults and non-sense talking (like revealing your own life). The whole server doesn't need to know about your personal issues or problems with others. 1hr Jail
    4. Do not ask to be a GM or Sub-GM. Mute or Jail
    5. Impersonating a GM is strictly forbidden. This includes names starting with GM or anything similar. Permanent Ban in All Accounts in your IP
    6. Do not impersonate a player. Char Deleted + Bann
    7. Do not harass a player (verbally/sexually). Just remember that there are people of all ages playing here. So you need to remain respectful or you might be sanctioned. Jail for 1 day or 2 weeks it depend upon what you said
    8. Selling items to people for real money is strictly forbidden! or Trading Items in other server. Permanent Ban in All Accounts in your IP + IP Ban
    9. Do not trade players in WoE. This distracts them and make them vulnerable to attacks. (This can be avoided by typing /notrade). Bann For 1 week - 2 weeks
    10. Do not use the Friend menu option on players in WoE. Temp Ban
    11. Botting is strictly forbidden as well as the use of any kind of third party program. Permanent Ban in All Accounts in your IP + IP Ban
    12. Bugs exploits are also forbidden. If a bug is found, it is to be reported as soon as possible to a GM or on the bug tracker (if it doesn't lead to abusive exploit). Items/zeny duping is also forbidden. Perm ban in All Accounts in your IP + IP Ban

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