Rules for Reporting a Player



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    Rules for Reporting a Player

    Post by Admin on Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:21 pm

    If you want to report someone, create a topic of your own.
    -Create your own topic with your following reports.

    Editing your post is a no no.
    -Why? Once you edit your post, your report will have a low chance.

    Give satisfying proofs (eg. Screenshots).
    -It would be much appreciated if you provide screenshots. Consequently, GM's can make an action as soon as possible.

    Reports should always be legit and clear. Reports without any sense won't be taken care off.

    Your reports can be as many as you want as long as its an actual report.

    Adding personal tags such as "don't forget to, please read, look at this, OMFG, etc." is not tolerated, Admins can tell if posts were not read by them so does everyone.

    Give Admins at least 48 hours for responds, if you are getting impatient, it's none of their business, they'll take care of it. Besides, reading reports is not the only thing they do.

    Make your title simple with short description.

    Your report should be like this.


    Never forget any of these. If your report is not utterly completed, your report will be ignored. Why? Ask yourself.

    Goofing around will bring you to the following punishments:

    1st Infraction - Warning
    2nd Infraction - Ban Warning
    3rd Infraction - Temporary Ban
    4th Infraction - Permanent Ban

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