Character Creation Rules & Regulations



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    Character Creation Rules & Regulations

    Post by Admin on Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:40 pm

    Basically there are no rules. You create your character to your own satisfaction, then you roleplay with them. It isn't very hard to understand, and if you're happy that's great! However, there are a few things to understand when going through the creation process:

    1.) The players on the site vary from greenhorn (new to RP) all the way to experienced. It is a rule that everyone be nice and tolerant unless given reason otherwise. Do not let others dictate on how your character should end up, we're all here to have fun.

    2.) God-Modding is an ultimate No-No. Don't make a character that is immortal--without good reason--had every magical or God-like power in the book, can dodge every hit thrown at them, or has a power of foresight so they know everything about everyone. The only way your character can have these is if A) They are a canon character from an existing work of fiction, or B) Goes through the proper layers of discussion with the moderators to have a character like that approved.

    3.) Multiple of the same character can exist (i.e., Loki, Thorin, Bilbo, Smaug, Witchy-poo) so do not allow others to bully or harass you about having a character the same as someone else. If that happens, report it to the moderators. However, you cannot copy someone's OC. That NOT including face-claim and/or place/story of origin. However still, anyone can issue a direct complaint to a Mod or Admin about their concern that their character has been copied. If that is the case, character profile dates (not edit dates) will be compared and action will be taken if deemed to similar. (See the rules for more in-depth on this).

    4.) If you are having trouble building a character to your satisfaction, you're more than welcome to put a hold on their profile to return to later. There are no rules noting a specific complete profile, so you can go ahead and RP with them as long as they have a face-claim, basic personality, and a basis of backstory. A description written isn't required if a picture reference is supplied.

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