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    Copying a Character

    Post by Admin on Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:58 pm

    This is created to explain the matter of character impersonation and/or copying.

    Multiple of the same character can exist (i.e., Loki, Thorin, Bilbo, Smaug, Witchy-poo) so do not allow others to bully or harass you about having a character the same as someone else. If that happens, report it to the moderators. However, you cannot copy someone's OC. That does NOT including face-claim and/or place/story of origin. However still, anyone can issue a direct complaint to a Mod or Admin about their concern that their character has been copied. If that is the case, character profile dates (not edit dates) will be compared and action will be taken if deemed to similar.

    When a Mod or Admin receives a complaint that falls under this category, they will go through a series of checks:

    • The creation date of the original character (the one owned by the one filing the complaint) and the date of the character created by the target offender.
    • If the offending character has very nearly or extremely similar traits/backstory/personality and/or species, a hold will be put on said character until the Mods or Admins are done investigating.
    • Generic names are not to fall under the copying category, but if there are two names that are original and are very similar or exactly the same, the newer made character will be kindly asked to modify their name.

    If your character has been put on a hold by an Admin, you must follow these guidelines:

    • Make note of your hold and how long it is in effect. Be aware that the investigation could last longer than the hold, so if you have not received any notice or word on your characters status by the time your hold runs out, or it is still locked and it is past the date, please message a Moderator or Admin. With your message, if you are not able to get a hold of one who had contacted you previously, please also include the information about the situation.
    • Refrain from getting angry and harassing Mods, Admins, or even the other player who had filed an complaint. Again, harassment is against the rules and you could get a worse punishment from doing that. Instead, wait patiently. It is NOT against the rules to message the other player and have a peaceful discussion about the matter. In all regards, private discussions between players should happen before a complaint is filed. If an understanding is met, then there is no need for the mods or Admins to get involved further, or at all.
    • If you are found guilty of copying, dependent on how severe the copying is, you will be asked to change your character to the Admins satisfaction. You can choose to delete the character all together, or you might just be asked to do that anyway.

    Please remember that if this occurs, the Moderators and Admins are NOT responsible for messaging other players your character is involved with. If you character is under a lengthy hold or has to be deleted, you must message them yourself.

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