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    General IC Rules & Regulations

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    Rules and Regulations

    By registering in ArdaUnlimited, the player abides and agrees to all rules listed below. Non compliance and ignorance of the rules are not an excuse and is punishable by the law. Disciplinary actions will be applied on a player who has broken these rules.

    • Staff-Related Rules

    - Moderators and Admins
    a.) Moderators are here to hear out suggestions, community improvements and to help out players.
    b.) Actions done by Mods are autonomous.
    c.) Disrespect to a Mod or Admin will have a corresponding punishment – Deregatory comments and the likes are not tolerated.
    d.) If you have been maltreated by a member of the staff, please immediately take a screenshot as well as every other possible proof and report it without delay.

    1st Offense : Warning
    2nd Offense : 1 Day IP Ban
    3rd Offense : Permanent IP Ban

    1st Offense : Automatic Account Ban and all related accounts on IP.
    2nd Offense : Permanent IP ban
    - Other Server Related Rules
    a.) Server advertisement is prohibited. A permanent IP ban awaits the perpetrator.
    b.) Causing chaos to the server will be given the utmost punishment.
    c.) Bug exploits and abusers will also be given a permanent IP ban.

    • Community-Related Rules
    - A series of rules are set in order to build a pleasant and polite community
    a.) Use of offensive language is subject to punishment if it falls under the list of NO-NO words. The Lounge is ALL AGES, but do not be surprised by foul language. In character is a different story; dependent on what verse you're in, certain curse words may not exist, therefore you cannot use them.
    b.) Spamming skills and text in populated places will also be subject to punishment.
    c.) Please treat everyone with utmost respect. Disrespecting a fellow player will result to a high level of punishment.


    • When you register you are required to have a Writer/Player/OOC (whatever you wish to call it) account FIRST. This is what the moderators and Admins will contact you on, and what you will use to post your character profiles' list with, along with interacting with the community. If you do not have one, that's bad.
    • You may have as many profiles as you wish, but you MUST have a separate profile for each character. However, you can talk with Admins about having a multi-use profile within good reason.
    • You must link your OOC account in each characters' signature. You DO NOT have to list every character you own in each signature, but you can on your OOC account.
    • You are free to have as many character as you want. However your activity on each matters. If you know you won't be active on a character for a while, you can request a hold or put a notice on the top of the characters profile. These will keep your character from getting frozen or even locked due to inactivity. However the holds or self-set pauses only hold for a span of 5 months. After that period, you will be contacted by staff. If you do not respond in 48 hours your character account will be locked.

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